A House for All FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Trinity participating in a capital campaign now?
The Building & Grounds Committee, for the past 2 years, have recognized and tried to remedy, many problems with the infrastructure at the church:

Heat Pumps, Water/Drainage Issues, Leaky Windows, Painting Projects

There was such a long list of projects, the committee began to worry that we would use all the money in the financial reserves fixing them and then not have any money in a “rainy day” fund moving forward. The committee also recognized that we had not done a good job of maintaining some areas of great use, i.e. the fellowship hall area, etc.

Because the church is now 60 years old, it is not uncommon to have major and minor infrastructural problems. It was the committee’s recommendation internally, that perhaps the congregation might want to consider conducting a capital campaign to 1) reimburse the “rainy day” fund for the major projects already done, and 2) dream about new projects to help move the mission of the church forward.

This current campaign has as its financial goal $240,000 which covers projects that are already completed in addition to new projects. The goal of this campaign is to move ahead with a renewed sense of purpose as we consider how investing in our facilities can continue to strengthen our mission.

What projects will be addressed by the campaign?

Projects Already Completed (To be reimbursed) :  $33,000

Replaced a failing gas furnace with two heat pumps

Repaired all gutters, downspouts, and had drains cleaned

Replaced 19 single pane windows with efficient double pane windows in sanctuary and basement to prevent further damage from condensation

Repaired damaged ceilings

Painted choir room ceiling & fellowship hall stairwell

Added brand new sound system


What other projects will be addressed?

Sanctuary Entrance/Front Porch: Makes entrance ADA compliant, fixes drainage problems, adds new parking spaces, and replaces front doors, also for ADA compliance. Adds automatic door opener. ($91,000 – MUST DO)

Nursery Renovation: New laminate flooring, replaces light fixtures, adds new doors with viewing window, adds book shelving, other shelving, rugs & other accessories.
($8,000 – MUST DO)

Choir Loft Renovation: New platform, Removal of choir wall, extending platform. ($12,200 –MUST DO)

Downstairs Bathrooms:  Clean effervescence; remove radiator, seal, paint. Replace light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, New vent fan (men’s room).  ($6,275 – MUST)

Fellowship Hall: Add two A/C units to replace old unrepairable units, ADA electric door opener, replacement chairs, new round tables, new light fixtures (LED), automatic door closer in bathroom. ($32,355 – MUST/SHOULD)


Replace Water Heater in Boiler Room – $1,000

Paint Outside (as needed) – $3,600

LED Bulbs in Office – $870

Timer Switches for 6 bathrooms – $2,400

New Playground – $5,300

Additional Parking – $20,000

Is there a mission component to the campaign?

As part of our commitment to serving people beyond our walls, ten percent of all funds given for the capital campaign ($24,000) will be contributed to support local efforts led by communities of color toward equity in education. The Justice team made the following proposal:

Funds will be used to complement our Black Lives Matter action project(s), especially to support local efforts led by communities of color toward equity in education.

  • We recommend seeking input from leaders of color in deciding on specific uses of the funds, beginning with PIRD partners.
  • We recommend investing in community organizing and capacity to address issues of equity on a long-term basis, for example, providing initial funding for a part-time organizer, and/or funding a bilingual training to help parents be leaders in the school system.


How does the capital campaign affect our annual stewardship campaign?

By pledging in the annual stewardship campaign, members make the ongoing mission and ministry of our church possible. We ask that members continue to prioritize this annual giving. Our gifts to the capital campaign will be over and above our annual giving. Many congregations find that as members are inspired to support the mission of the church in a capital campaign, annual giving is maintained and even grows. Members are asked to return both annual and capital campaign pledges on our Dedication Sunday, November 3rd.

In what ways can I give to the campaign?

Pledges to the campaign may be contributed over a three-year period. Many members choose to give out of their regular income, including salary, social security, or pension. Contributions may also be made from accumulated assets such as gifts of stock, bonds, or real estate. Members who are 70 ½ years of age may find it advantageous to contribute through an IRA charitable contribution.


Will the church need to get a loan to help pay for the projects if all the pledges aren’t paid up front?

The answer is “yes”, if needed, we will certainly have identified a potential loan source if the projects require payment before all pledges are received.


What are the next stops as far as the projects?

A construction project oversight team is being created to oversee the various projects identified in the campaign.