Stewardship: Vision 2020


At Trinity, we strive to be a house for all our guests and members, and our local and global communities. Our long history of leadership and involvement in social justice issues combined with our worship and fellowship activities makes Trinity a uniquely warm and special church.

To serve and further our mission, we are asking for your continued support in all areas of stewardship – time, talent and treasure.

As you consider your pledge for the coming year, understanding how the church uses your financial gifts may be beneficial to you. If you have not pledged before, please consider doing so as this helps provide clarity into our total available funds for the 2020 year.

In 2019, our annual budget was $186,165. In 2020, our target annual budget is $189,326 which reflects a humble 2% salary increase for staff. Our annual budget is used to cover the operating expenses and ministries of the church.

All of our gifts are used to support ministries at Trinity in these major areas:

Worship & Congregational care – 40% – $74,000
As people who feel connected to God and each other through worship and care for one another, this area reflects anything to do with the worship services–including our music program, time spent in preparation for worship by staff, and the nursery workers. This part of the budget also allocates for the time and resources used to care for our congregation.

Facilities & Administration – 37% – $68,000
This area includes expenses related to our everyday sanctuary and fellowship hall operations, as well as general church administrative duties. This supports a space for our ministry partners such as Disability Advocates, AA, Tai Chi, Transgender & NonBinary People Support Groups and others.  

Mission, Justice & Benevolence – 10% – $18,000
This area includes financial support for Salem Presbytery, our Session benevolences, charitable gifts, and support for our justice and mission ministries that work toward a vision for justice.

Outreach – 8% – $15,000
Our outreach activities are those that are in support of community groups and activities which increase our visibility in the wider Winston Salem community. This would include the Spring Festival and resources/time spent by our staff networking and participating in community events. 

Education – 6% – $11,000
Education activities consist of activities designed to build our members and guest’s understanding of God’s desire and love for us. This includes the cost of staff and program materials for all ages. 

Ways to give?

Sunday mornings: We collect offerings as part of our weekly worship experience.

Automatic Withdrawal or Online Giving: You may either set up an automatic payment from your bank or contact the office for assistance with online giving through our donation page.

Have you considered including Trinity in your will? You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of assets. A sample bequest form is available upon request. 

Whatever you give, remember that stewardship is never just about money. We practice generosity as a way of life, as a spiritual discipline, and as a commitment to our church. We ask that you prayerfully consider what you are able to contribute this year, in time, talent, and treasure. Know that whatever you give will be received with joy and gratitude, and will be mobilized to further our ministry and vision for 2020 in the community and the world.

We ask that you please take time to fill out the Time & Talent questionnaire, either online or by turning in the paper copy sent out by the church office staff.

You can also complete your Stewardship Commitment online as well. Thank you for being part of our Trinity Presbyterian Church community!