Open Hearted, Open Minded


About Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church, located 1416 Bolton Street, Winston-Salem, NC, is committed to being an inclusive, nurturing church family of loving, caring, and supporting members, glorifying God, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and serving the world.

We strive to be an "open hearted, open minded" congregation dedicated to sharing God's unconditional love with one another and with those beyond our doors.

We strive to share God's gifts to us by giving of our time and talents, as well as financial support to community outreach programs, and to mission work in the US and the world.

Worship Time

11:00 AM - Worship

12:00 PM - Fellowship Time

Happening This Week

Monday, May 21, 6:15PM: Zumba

Monday, May 21, 6:00PM (Library): Community & World Service Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2:00PM: Afternoon Knitting Fellowship

Thursday, May 24, 10:00AM: Tai Chi for Wellness

Thursday, May 24, 6:30PM: Qi Gong for Women

May 28: Memorial Day (church office closed)