Call to Action

This is a resource for upcoming events at Trinity and in our community at large. If you have an announcement you’d like to include, please contact the communications staff and let us know.

Community Meeting: Opportunity to Start Community-Based Freedom Schools

Tuesday, December 17th from 5:30-7pm @ Experiment in Self Reliance (3480 Dominion St 27105)
From 5:30-6 pm, participants are invited to “tour” the books, curriculum, history, and impact of CDF Freedom Schools.

During this meeting, we will briefly share how CDF Freedom Schools help our community respond to critical issues such as summer learning loss, achievement and reading gaps, and literature that inspires our black and brown students.  We will present an opportunity for the community (churches, neighbors, etc) surrounding or in partnership with our 8 identified schools at risk of state involvement to open a Freedom School site for the summer of 2020.  This opportunity is built upon the encouragement of our new School Superintendent to have communities become engaged in summer programs, and her spoken support for Freedom Schools as part of a long-view agenda for progress.  Additionally, there is generous financial and administrative support to help new Freedom School sites (prioritizing students connected to these 8 schools) get started this summer!  At the conclusion of the meeting, we will be asking for interested community groups/congregations who would like to explore this opportunity.