Open and Affirming

At Trinity Presbyterian Church, a  “More Light” congregation, we believe there is a great distinction between being tolerant and being affirming. We do not merely tolerate, we fully embrace.

We recognize that the Bible has done great harm to the LGBTQ+ community through its literal interpretations and exclusive traditions. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We strive to reclaim the radical good news of the gospel through opening ourselves to every person and proclaiming God’s unapologetic love and justice for all.

Whether you are part of a same-gender, transgender, or non-binary relationship, we believe your love and marriage is just as sacred and blessed by God as any other love and marriage. We celebrate the goodness of all loving relationships.

We believe EVERYONE has gifts God uses to make our world a more loving and just place.

We believe you bear the divine image of God and we are more alive, more courageous, more whole, and more the body of Christ with your presence than without it.