Stewardship 2023

October 17, 2022


Well, it has been a while since we’ve had a formal Stewardship season. As the pandemic moved us into virtual mode for over a year, we all had to adjust to a “normal” which felt like anything but normal. It was a time full of uncertainty and, in many ways, disconnection. Yet, your support for our ministry continued to come. (We are not trying to brag, but how many churches can claim that they have been able to keep their budget during a pandemic and hold a successful capital campaign at the same time!) It is no secret that Trinity is an extremely generous place who values who Trinity is and what Trinity stands for.

Our stewardship theme for 2023 is: Walking Together. Working Together. Worshiping Together. The key word is Together! This year’s campaign will be focused on “Deepening Our Togetherness.” We believe that if we refocus our priorities on building relationships with one another the money part will take care of itself. So this year we are asking you to commit first and foremost to walking alongside, praying for, and doing a relational meeting with one other person in the congregation. This year, not only will you be filling out a pledge card, but also a relational commitment card as well. So far we have 26 intergenerational participants!

Finally, instead of doing Time and Talent sheets, we are simply asking you to check off a box for one or more committee groups that interest you and a leader from that committee(s) will contact you for a relational meeting. Part of our refocusing and deepening our togetherness efforts are to simplify what we are doing while coming up with projects and opportunities for you to share your gifts. Personally, I have not been as excited for a Stewardship Campaign as this one.

Thank you for all you do for Trinity and beyond. Your presence and participation mean far more than you know!

**If you have pledged or not pledged before, please return a pledge card this year (even if it is $0) to the church office, Attn Receiving Treasurer, by November 15, as this is essential to understanding our total available funds for the upcoming year. Please know that pledge commitments are not binding and if your circumstances change you can simply let us know. You may also place it in the offering plate if attending worship services in person. We deeply appreciate your generosity and faithfulness as we move forward together!

With gratitude,

Jon and the Finance Committee

Other ways to you can help Trinity build community

  • Help grow the Trinity community by inviting friends to attend worship.
  • Reach out to other members – sending a card or making a call will brighten a member’s day.
  • Offer to assist with worship or the children’s sermon.
  • Share our social media posts.

 Have you considered including Trinity in your will or giving stock?

  • You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of assets in your estate to the church. Please see attached form, a copy of which should be kept with or included in an updated will, and a copy returned to the church office, Attn: receiving treasurer. You may also have similar language added to your will and estate planning documents.

Gifts of appreciated stock can have tax advantages, please consult your tax accountant.