Stewardship 2021

Trinity Presbyterian Church – Narrative Budget – 2021



2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. We’ve dealt with the ongoing COVID reality, including adjusting to on-line worship and not interacting face to face during this time.  As we look ahead to 2021 and getting back to (a new) normal, we wanted to share with you an update on our budget and outlook.

Firstly, thank you to everyone that has supported the capital campaign with time, talent or treasure.  The newsletter has shared updates on the improvements to the building that are waiting for us on our return.  Thanks to Bill Raiford for his leadership and countless hours on this project.

With many of our activities suspended since the spring, we have been able to adjust spending in some areas and project that we will end 2020 with a slight positive in our budget – more giving than spending.

As we look ahead to 2021, it’s difficult to know when we will return to regular worship and activities.  For planning purposes, we are budgeting assuming 3 months in the current conditions and 9 months of ‘new normal’.  To model this, we have used our 2019 spending rather than 2020.

To sustain our ‘house for all’ commitments we will continue to build upon our history of leadership and involvement in social justice issues.  This, combined with our meaningful worship and fellowship activities, makes Trinity a unique and special community. To serve and achieve our mission, we are asking for your support in all areas of stewardship – time, talent and treasure.

As you consider your pledge for the coming year, understanding how the church uses your financial gifts may be beneficial to you.  If you have not pledged before, please return a pledge card this year (even if it is $0), as this is essential to understanding our total available funds for this unusual upcoming year. Please know that pledge commitments are not binding and if your circumstances change you can let us know.

In 2020, our annual budget was $186,000. In 2021, our target annual budget will be reduced by about $11,000 to reflect adjustments in staff hours, rental income and supplies due to reduced activity in the two quarters. Our annual budget is used to cover the operating expenses of the church.

Our gifts are used to support activities in these major areas:

Worship & congregational care – 41% – $72,000

The activities in this area include preparation for and the worship services, including our music program and staff, part of the Pastors compensation, and staffing the nursery. This budget area is managed by the worship committee.

Facilities and administration – 36% – $63,000

The area includes expenses related to our sanctuary and fellowship hall operations as well as general church administration.  Generally, expenses of a capital nature such as a new roof or air conditioner are not budgeted in the annual budget but are paid from the capital reserves. The Building and Grounds and Personal Committee manages spending in this area.

Mission, Justice and Benevolence – 10% – 17,000

This area includes financial support for Salem Presbytery, our benevolence gifts and support for our justice and mission areas.

Outreach – 8% – $14,000

Our outreach activities are those that are in support of community groups and activities to increase our visibility in the community. This includes our Communication Coordinator’s position, online media presence (website), and support of More Light Ministries.

Education – 5% – $9,000

Education activities consist of activities designed to build our members’ and guests’ understanding of our faith, and includes the Christian Ed Director’s salary, as well as the cost of resources and materials for these programs.  The Spiritual Growth committee manages this budget.

Here are some ways how to give financially:

  • We collect offerings as part of our weekly worship experience, when in the building.
  • Automatic Withdrawal. You may set up an automatic payment from your bank or contact the office for assistance to make single or scheduled gifts.
  • Mailing checks to the church office, ATTN Receiving Treasurer

Have you considered including Trinity in your will or giving stock?

  • You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of assets in your estate to the church. Please contact the church if you would like a copy of the form which should be kept with or included in an updated will. You may also have similar language added to your will and estate planning documents.
  • Gifts of appreciated stock can have tax advantages, please consult your tax accountant to learn more.

Other ways to help Trinity build community

  • You can also help grow the Trinity community by inviting friends to attend our online worship,
  • Taking a minute to write a short review about us on Google (Google Trinity Presbyterian W-S and click on write a review on the right-hand side)
  • Reach out to other members, especially during our current absence from our regular worship and activities – sending a card or making a call will brighten a member’s day. If you have children, including a hand drawn picture will bring an extra smile.
  • Offer to assist with on-line worship or the children’s sermon.
  • Share our social media posts.

Whatever you can give, remember that stewardship is never just about money. We practice generosity as a way of life, as a spiritual discipline, and as a commitment to practicing our gratitude.  We ask that you prayerfully consider what you are able to contribute this year, in time, talent and treasure—and don’t forget to fill out that pledge card! Know that whatever you give will be received with joy and gratitude and will be mobilized to further our calling in the community and the world.


Richard Browne, on behalf of the Stewardship Committee and the Session