Stewardship 2022

October 1, 2021


Trinity Presbyterian Church – Narrative Budget – 2022


 The last 18 months have been challenging for our world, our church and each of us individually.  With the future holding some uncertainties around the course COVID will take, we can hold certain to the strength of our church community and our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Going forward, it’s likely that both in person and on-line worship will be part of the new normal.  As we look ahead to 2022 and getting back to (a new) normal, we wanted to share with you an update on our budget and outlook.

With many of our activities suspended since early 2020, we have been able to adjust spending in some areas and project that we will end 2021 with a balanced (spending equals giving) budget.  Depending on the cost of removing trees damaged in a storm, we may be slightly positive.

As we look ahead to 2022, we wanted to share how the church uses your financial gifts.  For planning purposes, we are budgeting assuming a a full year of the ‘new normal’.

To sustain our ‘house for all’ commitments we will continue to build upon our history of leadership and involvement in social justice issues.  This, combined with our meaningful worship and fellowship activities, makes Trinity a unique and special community.

To serve and achieve our mission, we are asking for your support in all areas of stewardship – time, talent and treasure.

As you consider your pledge for the coming year, understanding how the church uses your financial gifts may be beneficial to you.  If you have not pledged before, please return a pledge card this year (even if it is $0), as this is essential to understanding our total available funds for the upcoming year. Please know that pledge commitments are not binding and if your circumstances change you can let us know.

 In 2021, our annual budget was $170,000 in 2020 186,000. In 2022, our target annual budget will be increased by about $18,000 (back to 2020)  to reflect adjustments in staff hours, rental income and supplies due to increased activity for the full year.

Our gifts are used to support activities in these major areas:

Worship & congregational care – 40% – $74,000 – Managed by Worship committee

The activities in this area include preparation for and the worship services, including our music program and staff, part of the Pastor’s compensation, technology (Zoom, etc.) and staffing the nursery.

Facilities and administration – 37% – $68,000 – Property and Personal committees

The area includes expenses related to our sanctuary and fellowship hall operations as well as general church administration.  Generally expenses of a capital nature such as a new roof or air conditioner are not budgeted in the annual budget but are paid from the capital reserves.

Mission, Justice and Benevolence – 10% – $18,000

This area includes financial support for Salem Presbytery, our benevolence gifts and support for our justice and mission areas.

Outreach – 8% – $15,000

Our outreach activities are those that are in support of community groups and activities to increase our visibility in the community.

Education – 6% – $11,000 – Christian Education committee

Education activities consist of activities designed to build our members and guests understanding of God’s will for us, and include the cost of program materials.


Have you considered including Trinity in your will or giving stock?

  • You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of assets in your estate to the church. Please see attached form, a copy of which should be kept with or included in an updated will, and a copy returned to the church office, Attn: receiving treasurer. You may also have similar language added to your will and estate planning documents.
  • Gifts of appreciated stock can have tax advantages, please consult your tax accountant.

Other ways to you can help Trinity build community

  • Complete and return the attached Time & Talent sheet to indicate areas you are interested in helping in our church life.
  • Help grow the Trinity community by inviting friends to attend our online worship,
  • Taking a minute to write a Google review. (Google Trinity Presbyterian W-S and click on write a review on the right-hand side).
  • Reach out to other members, especially during our current absence from our regular worship and activities – sending a card or making a call will brighten a member’s day.
  • Offer to assist with on-line worship or the children’s sermon.
  • Share our social media posts.

Please return the attached pledge card to the church office, Attn Receiving Treasurer, by Oct 22.  You may also place it in the offering plate if attending live worship services. We deeply appreciate your generosity and faithfulness. For your commitment to who we are and what we do, we are grateful.


Richard Browne

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee and Session